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A fence can lean and sag, or even fall due to weather, soil erosion, rot, or outright vandalism. We fix the leaning and fallen fences so you can keep them in good condition year-round.

A leaning or sagging fence not only diminishes a property appeal, but if it’s left unrepaired, it can also lead to more expensive fence replacement.

A wooden fence post can lean and become unstable because of shifting soil or from the post expanding and contracting as it absorbs moisture. It’s common for wood fence posts to loosen in their concrete bases due to freeze and thaw cycles or because the post may have rotted at the bottom. Fence repair is slightly different depending on the fence’s material and whether the post has become loose or needs to be replaced.

All our technicians are POST certified.

“animal safety installation”

-prevents eye/face/body injury on sharp edges of fencing etc
-prevents escape under chain link fence